A downloadable game

The game is still early in development release date is around April -May 2020, its a simple little Rpg game with manga/comic scenes coming soon. For now the idea is to test the base core mechanics, If anything is broken let me know in the comments below thank youuuu!

Controls -

Z Key or Controller AAttack, Interact
X Key or Controller XBlock
WASD (A is left, D is right, S is down, W is up) or Left AnalogMovement
Esc or StartPause
Space bar or Controller Right BumperLock On
Key R or Controller Left BumperSwitch Lock On

Download demo

Aza.zip 49 MB

Development log


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The visuals weren't completely displaying correctly for some reason on my screen but it's probably just my outdated pc, i really really like the battle system, never seen anything like it, i hope you decide to make into a full game

The graphics on the webgl doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, as webgl doesn’t support shaders 100% it seems, but thank you for the feedback, the project will be continued! :)